Fly in to our Air Strip

Self flying into William Creek - BYO plane!

Self Fly In To William Creek

Flying into William Creek in your own aircraft?  With the William Creek Hotel located only 100 metres from the airstrip, we offer the convenience of comfortable accommodation, delicious food, cold beverages and an authentic Outback experience within walking distance.  And, William Creek offers the only fly-in bottle shop in Australia!

Below are some details for your arrival:

  Airstrip is a sealed, all weather airstrip, 300 metres above sea level and 1,200 metres long

  Avgas and Jet A1 are available 24/7 for purchase with a credit card (Mastercard or Visa)

  On request, we can meet you to transfer to your accommodation (subject to availability)

  Contact Wrightsair on 08 8670 7962 for current weather information, fuel availability or flight planning.

Please refer to the ERSA for landing fees and more information.

We suggest pre-booking your accommodation to confirm availability prior to your arrival.

Flying in the Outback - Be Prepared!

If you are flying in the Outback please make sure you are prepared.


  • Emergency Beacon
  • Survival Pack
  • First Aid Kit
  • Emergency Water