William Creek 3rd Annual Outback Fly-in - a huge success!

10th September 2020

Last weekend 4th September - 6th September 2020 saw William Creek hold their Third Annual Outback Fly-in. With over 200 people attending over the whole weekend & 38 aircraft, it was a huge success! 

It was great to see all the South Australians make the trip up to support our Outback Communities & get involved in all the weekends events. 

Activities included CASA & Ozrunways seminars, Pub Trivia, a town tour, dog races, paper plane competitions & of course live music by Sarah Straschko, Acoustic Juice & John Schumann.

A huge effort put in by the Wrightsair team and the William Creek Hotel staff to make it all happen - especially given the times so a big thank you to them! 

We can't wait for this event to continue to grow each year & are already looking ahead at 2021 for a Day on the Dirt!